The Bull Run Partners:



Jeffery Lee Grady


Maciej Radomski



About Us:

Both experienced C-Suite executives who have worked for multi-national companies. We like manufacturing companies with the potential for performance enhancement and expansion.

We have worked closely together on a number of projects and have an effective, constructive, mutually challenging working relationship. We are different people, with different perspectives and different strengths. These different perspectives, we believe, often lead to better outcomes.

‘Hands on’ managers. We can write reports, but that’s not what we are interested in. Presentations leading to decisions. Decisions leading to implementation is our core mission. Compensation based on results, not pages of paper.

We know how to cooperate with good managers who want to lead, and improve their companies. But they have to earn respect. We try to form consensus, but don’t shy away from hard decisions and hard change programs.

We have a good network that matches our experience. This allows us to gain insights, (real) benchmarking and strategic insights that often are not available to others. Our networks have worked with us in the past, worked under us (we mentored them) or benefited by mutual cooperation. We maintain these relationships because they have value. These networks can, when needed, also assist us in identifying additional management talent.

“Get on board (if it is a decision made by/supported by the shareholders) or get out of the way.”


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