Improvement Programs on Key Areas of Your  Company

We can also assess a key functional area of a company that is underperforming

The Process Is Similar to a Full Turnaround:

Initial assessment (at low costs) – our joint due diligence;

Identification of areas where meaningful improvement can be realized:

Change plan agreed with owners;

Implementation plan based on clear milestones, quantifiable targets;

Compensation linked to achieving agreed targets.

Bull Run Can Fix Your Company In The Following Areas:

Strategy Development and Implementation

New Reporting / Planning Systems

Purchasing Optimization

Stock Optimization

Receivables Collection Procedures

Lean Manufacturing

Kaizen Systems

Production Capacity Improvement

Manufacturing Optimization

Modern Organizational Schemes Implementation

Employment Right-Sizing

Incentives and Motivational Systems

Optimization of Sales Networks

New Markets Development

Building International Teams

Export Development


Check Our Portfolio For Samples of Executed Projects Portfolio

Compensation Approach:

Low fees for investigation/due diligence;

Then if project is accepted:

Base fee per day, week or month of direct involvement

Success fees based on achieving clear, agreed milestones

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