The Bull Run Services

Full Turnaround / Interim Management

Rather than waiting for your current management to ‘improve’

  • We will assess the situation
  • Develop a plan for change management
  • Implement the change plan against clear targets.


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Improvement Programs

We can also assess a key functional area of a company that is underperforming:

  • Identify the problems
  • Develop a plan agreed by all key parties
  • Implement the plan against clear targets


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“Turn-Up / Speed-Up” Programs

Your company may have  a ‘capacity/management’ constraint in order to get to the next level. 

  • We will evaluate the key bottleneck
  • Implement the project to Turn-Up the Speed and Development of the company

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Operational Due Dilligence

As an investor you want to understand the full potential of a company. We will:

  • Implement a full operational due diligence
  • Clarify status, benchmarking and best practices
  • Quantify hidden value related to operational improvements

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The Bull Run Areas of Expertise

which can be applied to all services

Full Turnaround and Restructuring

  • Adaptation of Local Businesses to Modern International Standards
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Developing Clearer Organization/Reporting/Planning Systems

Cashflow Optimization

  • Purchasing Optimization
  • Stock and Logistics Optimization
  • Receivables Collection and Security Procedures

Production and Operations Optimization

  • Operational Improvement Plan
  • Hands-On Implementation
  • Change Management

Organizational Improvement

  • Restructuring the Organization into Clear, Accountable Reporting Lines
  • Employment ‘Right-Sizing’ and Re-Allocation of Human Resources
  • Preparation and Implementation of Key Incentive and Motivational Systems

Sales Network Restructuring/Expansion

  • Restructuring and Optimizing Existing Sales Networks
  • Implementing Proper Compensation Structures
  • Building International Teams from the Ground Up

Project Management

  • Full Responsibility for Implementation of Key Projects
  • Focus on Realizing Value and Process Optimization
  • Wide Scope of PM Techniques Depending on the Project

The Bull Run Difference:

Hands-on Experience

You will get support from real, experienced hands-on managers not academics


You will receive practical business solutions that can be implemented by Bull Run, not papers or just analysis that is never implemented


You will receive not only diagnosis but also its full implementation with our full responsibility for the process


All targets are agreed with you,  measurable and achieving them represents real value for the company. We base a significant portion of compensation on achieving defined targets